10 Best Remote Nursing Jobs To Work From Home

With the increasing demand for healthcare and high burnout rates among nurses, more and more nurses are opting to work from home by working remote nursing jobs. Being a registered nurse doesn’t mean that you need to work in a hospital to practice your profession. Nowadays, digital services in healthcare can be applied online and for nurses seeking flexibility and the opportunity to work from the comfort of their own homes, the options are diverse and promising.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses is expected to grow by 6% between 2022 and 2032. Nursing profession is a lucrative career that you can find jobs where you can work from home. If you’re looking to ditch direct patient care and your commute, let’s delve into the various types of remote nursing jobs available, offering a gateway to a fulfilling career while working remotely.

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Here are some remote nursing jobs to Work from Home:

1. Telephone Triage Nurse

Telehealth nursing is perhaps one of the most well-known remote nursing positions. In this role, nurses provide patient care and support via telecommunications technology.

Phone triage nurses perform similar tasks to those in hospitals but with a different approach. Instead of face-to-face interactions, they assess symptoms over the phone or through live video calls.

The main goal of these services is to empower patients to manage their symptoms based on the nurse’s diagnosis. To guide patients, Phone Triage Nurses may send instructional videos on symptom management. Moreover, they play a crucial role in deciding if a patient should seek in-person medical care or schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Becoming a Phone Triage Nurse requires a solid understanding of medical science and excellent communication skills to effectively convey information and instructions for symptom management. Registered nurses are preferred for their expertise in caring for ill patients and their strong communication abilities. Typically, Phone Triage Nurses earn a median salary of approximately $68,450 per year.

Hospitals hiring for Phone Triage Nurses:

2. Remote Case Manager

A Remote Case Manager is someone who makes an individualized plan based on a patient’s needs and makes sure that the plan is properly executed. The tasks of a remote case manager is somewhat similar to a case manager you work with in the hospital or clinics.

One of the Case Manager’s duty is to make sure that the care services, resources, and additional requirements stated in the individualized plan are properly implemented. In addition, the Case Manager is also tasked to communicate with the client’s family to educate them about the plan. An individualized plan should have proper time frames and expected outcome.

A Case Manager will need to have excellent communication skills because he or she is expected to communicate with a lot of people (client and family, insurance companies, and other professional individuals that are relevant to the plan). Other skills needed for this job is creativity, time management, as well as compiling and reporting data. The average Case Manager salary in Cigna is $68,500. This job is one of the most popular RN online jobs at the moment.

Hospitals hiring for Remote Case Manager:

3. Insurance Claims Specialist

To ensure accurate coverage payments, insurance companies must review billing for accuracy. Some companies employ registered nurses as insurance claims specialists to assess claims and determine coverage eligibility. Duties include verifying billing codes, identifying duplicate charges, and providing documentation and reasons for claim rejections. Additionally, specialists must prevent fraudulent claims. Clinical experience is crucial to match billed care with actual services provided. Insurance companies often seek candidates with direct patient care experience, making registered nurses ideal for the role. Nurse.org reports that insurance claims specialists earn an average salary of $64,000.

paid insurance claim
paid insurance claim

Companies hiring for Insurance Claims Specialist:

4. Remote Quality Improvement Nurse

A Remote Quality Improvement Nurse is responsible for reviewing the hospital’s nursing documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness. They also oversee compliance with service performance standards and medical record audits by other nurses. Duties involve verifying charts for accurate diagnoses, reviewing care plans for adherence to physician orders, and providing training on workplace policies and procedures for nurses and staff.

This position allows for remote work with occasional travel for on-site care quality inspections. Attention to detail is crucial as the primary focus is on maintaining healthcare quality in line with hospital policies. Strong interpersonal, verbal, and communication skills are essential for collaboration across various departments. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for this role is around $69,672.

Hospitals hiring for Remote Quality Improvement Nurses:

5. Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Recruiter’s main task is to find the best talents in the medical industry for various healthcare positions. According to Chron, this job is in demand nowadays because of the rise in the need of the healthcare sector. The Nurse Recruiter will be working with healthcare providers to identify, screen and hire nursing talents. In addition, Nurse Recruiter should also maintain a database of nursing talents, which also requires conducting campus recruitments.

To become a Nurse Recruiter, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in either human resources, psychology, or health care. A Nurse Recruiter is expected to always present himself or herself well and is able to communicate efficiently in written and spoken form. This job might not be for people who don’t want to travel a lot, as recruitment will demand traveling to meet potential talents. In addition, Nurse Recruiter should know what qualities are needed for a job description. According to Glassdoor, the average national salary of a Nurse Recruiter is $51,349 per year.

Hospitals hiring for Nurse Recruiters:

6. Medical Coding Specialist

Also called as a medical coder, the Coding Specialist is the one who documents patient data based on the required coding rules. A Coding Specialist is an expert when it comes to the sets of universal codes used in a lot of organizations, including insurance companies and government agencies. One of the Coding Specialist’s main task is to manage the data of the patients in their codified form, as well as in charge of the medical billing. They should also be updated in the changes in the universal coding classifications and other rules and policies.

Registered Nurses or not, as long as the candidate has a certificate or an associate degree in Medical Coding or another related field would be enough. A keen focus on details is needed in order to avoid inaccuracies. The Coding Specialist will also need organization skills for its data management tasks. The average salary in 2016 according to Chron is $38,040. Some requirements include:  A degree or an associate’s degree related to medical coding, Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) are optional but adds good points,  Both savvy in medical and technical terminologies and  Experience in coding (for some hospitals)

Hospitals hiring for RN Coding Specialist:

7. Medical Transcriptionist

Also known as Healthcare Documentation Specialist, the duty of the Medical Transcriptionist is to convert voice recordings from doctors and other medical staff into a written record. Although most of the medical transcriptionist’ task is done manually, there is voice recognition software that helps them in their job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is also a job of a medical transcriptionist to edit medical documents created by these voice recognition software (abbreviations, patient’s data, etc.).

Basic knowledge in grammar and word processing software, as well as at least a postsecondary nondegree award is required for this job. Associate degrees or certificates from distance learning programs about anatomy and medical terminology could improve your chances, but not really mandatory. However, if you want to revamp your career, you can take the exam to become a registered medical transcriptionist (RMT) or a certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). This can be done at home, but most medical institutions would require transcriptionist to work for hospitals or third-party transcription service companies.

8. Online Nurse Educator

Nurses passionate about teaching and mentoring can explore remote opportunities in nursing education and training. These roles involve developing educational materials, facilitating online courses, and providing training to healthcare professionals. Remote nurse educators may work for universities, nursing schools, healthcare organizations, or professional associations, empowering the next generation of nurses and advancing clinical knowledge.

Places that hire online nurse educators:

9. Health Coach Nurse

Being a health coach is probably one of the most common side hustles for a registered nurse. The reason for this is because nurses are natural advocates of health. A Health Coach is someone who helps his or her client to change the current lifestyle and replace it with a new one through guidance and management. This usually includes the aspect of nutrition and daily eating habits as well as exercises. This should not be confused with Wellness Coaching, which aims to improve the whole well-being of the client, and not just through lifestyle and physical means.

To become a health coach, you need to get certification in Health Coaching. There are five ways to get a certification, the first one is by joining the National Society of Health Coaches to get the NSHC Certified Health Coach Certification. NSHC certificate is targeted to healthcare professionals who already have background and credentials. Usually, NSHC’s program can be finished in 70 hours. Requirements: Receive health coach training and   Pass the certification exam

10. Health Informatics RN

Health informatics nurses bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. They utilize their clinical expertise to optimize electronic health records (EHRs), develop healthcare IT solutions, and analyze healthcare data to improve patient outcomes and workflow efficiency. Remote health informatics nurses may work for hospitals, healthcare consulting firms, or software companies, contributing to the advancement of healthcare technology from their home offices.

In this specialty, you’ll combine your nursing knowledge with technology and data to improve nursing care and patient outcomes.

According to Payscale.com, informatics nurses earn $83,780 annually. You can search for this position using the terms research nurse, cross reference specialist, clinical informatics analyst, and health informatics. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, electronic medical record companies, and universities often hire for these positions. Requirements may include master of science degree in health informatics. Might need certifications in Informatics

health informatics trends
health informatics trends

To find these work at home nursing jobs, explore the following companies:

Tips for Working as Remote Nurse

Nurses now have the flexibility to explore career paths beyond traditional bedside nursing and home care roles.

Registered nurses are currently sought after in various industries such as legal, technology, and insurance, which also offer remote positions.

It’s not mandatory to work in a hospital or clinic to deliver essential patient care and receive a competitive salary. The increasing demand for telehealth, especially during the pandemic, has opened up numerous remote job opportunities.

If working remotely as a nurse is your goal, there are numerous avenues to explore. You can deliver high-quality nursing care while enjoying a flexible schedule that allows you to work from home.

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