The Nursing Flowsheet Model

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Step 1: Use this blog as your #1 resource for your career + finances

I made this blog specifically for NURSES like you.

Hi, my name is Ellaine- the nurse who invests and the owner of Nursing Flowsheet. I have been a nurse for over 10 years. I have worked bedside and outpatient and have seen many fellow nurses burnout and work endlessly until retirement date.

There are options.

You can achieve financial freedom and live the rich life that you deserve. I am now on a mission to help more nurses build their rich lives & be more fulfilled in their careers.

Bookmark this page in your tab bar that way you can easily access it.

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I also got featured in SHE CAN BE BOTH website: check out this article


Step 2: Download this Financially Savvy Nurse Starter Checklist✔️

Free Money Checklist for Nurses

A checklist on how you can get started with your finances as a nurse.

or go to my Resources Page to download Freebies

Step 3: Learn the Basics by Reading Blog Posts

Step 4: Free Investing Class for Nurses

Free Webinar Mockup

Step 5: Join The Community

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Join the Nurses Who Invest FB group to connect with fellow nurses and help empower each other to grow in the nursing career & prosper financially. Talk about investments, personal finance questions, career advices and provide resources to each other to succeed!

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