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10 Side Hustles as a Nurse to Make Extra Money

I have worked as a nurse for over 10 years and had I not switch jobs, I would still be living paycheck to paycheck and won’t be able to invest. Investing is essential to building wealth but oftentimes the power of “increasing salary and making the money to invest” is overlooked.

As a nurse, you have a unique skill set that goes beyond the walls of the hospital. If you’re looking to boost your income and unlock your earning potential, there are numerous opportunities available to you. In this blog post, we will explore ten different income streams that nurses can tap into to make extra money. Let’s dive in and discover how you can leverage your nursing expertise to create additional financial opportunities.

  1. Per Diem Shifts: One of the most popular ways for nurses to make extra money is by working per diem shifts. These shifts allow you to work on an as-needed basis, filling in gaps in staffing or covering vacation time. By taking on per diem shifts, you can earn extra income while maintaining flexibility in your schedule.
  2. Home Health Care: Consider providing home health care services to patients in need. This could involve assisting with medication management, wound care, or providing companionship. Home health care allows you to work directly with patients in a more personalized setting while earning additional income.
  3. Telehealth and Virtual Nursing: With advancements in technology, telehealth and virtual nursing have become increasingly popular. By offering virtual consultations, assessments, and advice, you can provide nursing services remotely and earn money from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Nurse Consulting: Leverage your expertise and experience as a nurse by offering consulting services. This could involve reviewing medical records, providing expert opinions, or offering guidance on healthcare processes. Nurse consulting can be done on a freelance basis or by joining a consulting firm.
  5. Healthcare Education and Training: If you have a passion for teaching, consider becoming a healthcare educator or trainer. Offer your services to nursing schools, healthcare organizations, or even create your own online courses. Sharing your knowledge and expertise can be rewarding both personally and financially.
  6. Medical Writing: Utilize your nursing knowledge to write medical articles, blog posts, or contribute to healthcare publications. Many publications and websites are in constant need of healthcare professionals who can write accurate and informative content. Medical writing allows you to share your expertise while earning extra income.
  7. Medical Transcription: If you have excellent listening and typing skills, consider working as a medical transcriptionist. Transcribing medical records, notes, and reports can be done remotely, making it a flexible income stream for nurses.
  8. Medical Coding and Billing: Nurses with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of medical terminology can explore opportunities in medical coding and billing. By accurately assigning codes to medical procedures and diagnoses, you can contribute to streamlining the billing process and earn extra income.
  9. Medical Device Sales: Leverage your knowledge of medical devices and equipment by exploring sales opportunities. Many medical device companies hire nurses to educate healthcare professionals about their products and facilitate sales. This income stream offers the chance to earn commission on top of a base salary.
  10. Start a Healthcare Blog or Podcast: If you have a passion for writing or speaking, consider starting a healthcare blog or podcast. Share valuable information, tips, and insights with your audience, and monetize your content through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or offering premium content.

In conclusion,

As a nurse, you have a multitude of income-generating opportunities beyond traditional bedside care. By exploring these ten income streams, you can unlock your earning potential and create additional financial stability. Whether it’s taking on per diem shifts, providing home health care, or venturing into telehealth or consulting, the options are vast. Embrace your nursing expertise and tap into the many possibilities available to you, allowing you to thrive both personally and financially.

What are other ways you make money as a nurse?

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