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How to Get Paid as a New Mom in California

I am officially back from my baby bonding leave- and it sucks. As much as I miss working some days, I really enjoy being there for my kids. However, as a working mom and also a financial provider for the family, the day has come for me to get back to making that money.

Many new moms that I know especially here in California do not know that the state will pay them for their leave after giving birth and also for bonding with their newborn.

I made a video about this. Check it out!


Replying to @kyraissus hope this helps! There are also eligibility requirements. Also you can take baby bonding any time within the first year of your baby. I usually go back to work right after my pregnancy disability leave then take baby bonding during the holidays 🙂 #nursewhoinvests #paidfamilyleave #californiamom #workingmom #babybonding #maternityleave

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