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7 Easy Side Hustles for Nurses

Nursing is a great career but sometimes, it’s a good idea to start a side hustle as a nurse so you can supplement your nursing income. A Registered Nurse’s average in the United States salary according to is $72,100 annually and while nursing is a lucrative career and nurses make a good salary, it is advisable to never put all “our eggs in one basket”.

The Covid 19 pandemic affected the job security of nursing  and all the other jobs out there. Many colleague got “laid off” or furloughed during this time in 2020. Many were pushed to work in unsafe conditions that caused burnout that made many nurses quit their staff jobs.

 Today, it can be somewhat risky to rely on one source of income or one job. Just think, if that one source of income disappears, what would happen?  Adding multiple streams of income to your current revenue is always advisable.

Why You Need a Side Hustle as a Nurse

  • Pay off debt, student loans, bills ~ pretty straight forward
  • Build up an emergency fund
    While unfortunate, emergencies don’t announce themselves; they just show up! And it’s best to be prepared. 
  • Save for retirement 

Because we want to retire early or at least enjoy the fruits of our labor.

  • More investment opportunities ( Read: How to Invest)
  • Have a backup plan
    If one job does not work out, you’ll still have some income while looking for another job.

Also, you could get paid for doing the things you already enjoy doing like a  hobby. Back in 2014, I streamed videogames and got paid doing it.

Side Hustles to do while you Work Full time as a Nurse

1. Starting a Blog or becoming a Content Creator

 Nurses can now use their knowledge and experience by sharing it online. A lot of magazines, especially medical journals, need registered nurses to write on a variety of topics. Being a freelance medical writer is not only limited to journal writing, as there is a lot of medium that needs expertise in the medical field. You can create a blog post, post on instagram or TikTok video. 

2. Driving for Postmates / Uber / DoorDash

 If you have plenty of extra time, consider signing up as a delivery person with DoorDash, Uber or Postmates. You’ll be picking up stuff bought by people from different stores and delivering them to their doors. 

3. Real Estate/ AirBnb

When it comes to passive income, having a real estate investment is something you could also tap into. 

4. Teaching CPR Classes or Becoming a Clinical Instructor

I actually get my certification classes from a nurse I used to work with in my old job. As a RN, nurses already know the importance of giving first aid. They’re already also knowledgeable about this. One of the best ways to get certification is by taking training courses from non-profit organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross. 

 Another side hustle is becoming a clinical instructor. What you teach is already common knowledge to you. Plus you get the privilege of training new nurses. 

 5. Starting an Etsy Shop or Direct Sales

Are you a creative? Do you like crafts and DIY as your hobby? Then maybe starting an Etsy shop is for you. I opened euniboutique because I was very interested in designing and wearing jewelry.  Having a small side business is rewarding and a lot of work in itself but it can also be a tax write-off.

 6. Be a Health Coach 

 Because nurses are already natural advocates of health, this side hustle is a good one! We’re already helping patients change lifestyle through guidance. 

7. Getting a per-diem job

If you enjoy what you do as a nurse, there are a lot of temporary job assignments for nurses that require only a few shifts a month.  Per diem shifts allow you to pick up shifts when and where you want. You may not have the benefits like a full time employee receives, but you will be making at least >$5/hr more than them. 

What To Choose?

Now the big question is, what should you start, what should you pick? 

First, ask yourself what you want to accomplish. What’s your end goal?

Ideally, what you want to do is choose a side hustle in an area you’re passionate about, is relatively easy for you to do, and is something that will keep your interest. Finding a side hustle is a way to make some extra earnings on the side.  Personally, I like to have a side hustle income so I can make more investments as a nurse. 

Are there other side hustles you can think about? Let me know in the comments!

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