How to open ROTH IRA as a nurse

How to be a Tax Free Millionaire: ROTH IRA

April 8, 2024 Episode 13: The Investment Account that Nurses Should Have to be a Tax Free Millionaire In today’s episode, I talked about  the investment account that nurses should have to have tax-free retirement. I talked about how investing works in the most simplest way that a nurse could understand. I talked about investing brokerage firms, …

Why you need F U Money as a Nurse

Why You Need “F U” Money as a Nurse

April 1, 2024 Episode 12: Workplace violence and Why you need “F U Money” as a Nurse In today’s episode, I talked about the concerning data and reality of workplace violence in healthcare especially among nurses. This is a very important topic that needs to be covered and addressed. I also talked about the importance of …

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