Retirement Planning for Nurses

Do You Need a Financial Advisor as A Nurse? Retirement Planning with Rizek Housari CFP

April 22, 2024 Episode 15: Do You Need a Financial Advisor as A Nurse? Retirement Planning with Rizek Housari CFP

In today’s episode, I talked with a CFP (Certified Financial planner) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Rizek Housari about Retirement Planning for Nurses. I asked Rizek the struggles of most of his clients who works in healthcare when it comes to finances. He gave tips for those who want to get started with retirement planning including: Life insurance (what they are and do you need them?), Index Funds Investing, good financial foundation. We also talked about what to look for in a Financial Advisor.

Disclaimer: Rizek was from Palestine *so the war happening at Palestine is also talked about in episode.

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Nurses deserve options whether they want to retire early or work until retirement.

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