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Avoid These 10 Money Mistakes

Back when I didn’t know anything about personal finance, I used to always look at my bank account and wondered where all my money went.  If you feel the same, you might be making one or few of these money mistakes.  We’ve all made money mistakes and you know what? That’s ok! All we can do is learn …

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Personal Finance Books Worth Reading

I love reading books and one of the things I did in my personal finance journey to gain knowledge about money is investing time and money with books.  Here are the top 6 personal finance books that are worth reading!  Wherever you are in your journey, these books will provide you with principles, strategies, and inspiration …

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7 Easy Side Hustles for Nurses

Nursing is a great career but sometimes, it’s a good idea to start a side hustle as a nurse so you can supplement your nursing income. A Registered Nurse’s average in the United States salary according to is $72,100 annually and while nursing is a lucrative career and nurses make a good salary, it …

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