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5 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary

Growing up, money has always been a taboo subject. Most nurses and nurse practitioners are not aware or have never been schooled in the art of negotiation. Honestly, I have never negotiated my salary until my 2nd job as a nurse practitioner. For some people, negotiating could bring up an emotional response. Sometimes it can be …


Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

 I often get asked this question. Ellaine, should I hire a financial advisor? Can I hire you? First of all, I am not a certified and licensed financial advisor. What I do in this blog is provide education so you can make the decisions for yourself including the decision of whether you can just DIY invest on your …

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How to Create a Budget as a Nurse

If you’re a nurse and you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck or feeling overwhelmed by your finances, It’s time to take control of your money and create a budget that works for you. Perhaps you’ve heard the word budgeting almost a thousand times and wondering what it is. I am not a big budgeting …

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