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5 Tips to Negotiate Your Salary

Growing up, money has always been a taboo subject. Most nurses and nurse practitioners are not aware or have never been schooled in the art of negotiation. Honestly, I have never negotiated my salary until my 2nd job as a nurse practitioner. For some people, negotiating could bring up an emotional response. Sometimes it can be …

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How to Cure Toxic Productivity

Toxic productivity, yes there is such thing. It refers to the ” obsession with radical self-improvement and is an unachievable goal which causes us to set high standards for ourselves” It’s that feeling of “not doing  enough”. I suffer from it.  I think that explains the constant need to be doing something even on my “days …

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7 Easy Side Hustles for Nurses

Nursing is a great career but sometimes, it’s a good idea to start a side hustle as a nurse so you can supplement your nursing income. A Registered Nurse’s average in the United States salary according to is $72,100 annually and while nursing is a lucrative career and nurses make a good salary, it …

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